Top Dog training, judged by price & location


While almost every dog owner will deny that price is a factor for their loved one, dog training can be very expensive. And the more personalized your service the more likely that one or two hours worth will equate to your day’s wage. You might think that dog training courses would be more competitive on pricing but this is not always so due to limited location of sites and skilled trainers.

Why do people think that spending ‘anything’ or ‘everything’ on their dog will necessarily result in the best training? A Toyota corolla gets you just as well from point A to point B as most of the best luxury cars, and so you may find that cheaper alternatives in dog training also ‘do the job’.

Because of the often high price of individualized trainers, per hour, many people think training is out of their reach and don’t bother training their dogs at all, thus missing out on one of the most beautiful relationships they will ever experience.

An untrained and unsocial dog is one that you are very unlikely to want to take out of the yard or spend a lot of time with.

You can internet shop for price on dog training in your local area, or be prepared to travel a little bit further afield.

One of the biggest unknown tips (for the non snob out there) is volunteer dog training organizations. Not everyone will be suitable to your needs, but you will find that you may also get the added bonus of socialization (for you and your dog) while enjoying dog training – on a weekly basis, rather than the three sessions you could afford with a private dog training tutor.

Top Dog Training locations – what is best?

Dog training location becomes important when you are not getting the trainer to come to your home (the deluxe high end solution). If you only intend on doing 3 or 4 training sessions, you might be happy to travel up to an hour each way to get the results you want, but the reality is that for most people, anything that requires that kind of dedication, effort and perhaps sacrificing of sleep on the weekend, can inevitably fail.

Some of the top dog training courses in many cities are actually created by volunteer groups based on positive reinforcement training. They often have many trainers and many owners visiting them each week as they progress through the school levels. It also means that the price of membership is often incredibly low and if you want to move between different trainers in the one dog training level, you can.

The downside of volunteer training club is that often the process can be slower, it won’t help “fix” dogs with very bad behavior problems and there are no guarantees. These clubs are however often ideal for the person starting out with a new dog, who wants a reasonable price and some social aspect to training, rather than a transaction and results.

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