Dog training has many facets. It is also known as dog obedience training & usually involves changing a dog’s behavior to a level that the owner is happy with.

Note, strictly speaking, dog training and dog obedience include dogs following a voice or hand command by the owner within a given time. They do not include socialisation or getting a dog’s behavior balanced. These are very different things, but things that are as important if not more important than having a 100% trained dog, that you can’t take anywhere. Our site will discuss the many techniques of dog training, but will also advise on having a dog that will ‘play nicely’ with dogs and humans!


This is essentially a subset of dog training. Yes you can teach an old dog new tricks, but their brain is not as pliable as a puppy’s brain. Puppies have the added degree of difficulty of being easily distracted, so repetition is the key. We will review the best methods of Puppy training on this site.

HOUSE TRAINING/ Toilet training Dogs

This is one of the major dog training tips that everyone wants. So we have provided a specific section for house/toilet training dogs on this site.


A discussion on Dog training collars should be about the right collar to train a specific dog to do a certain task. We will discuss the various types of dog training collars in detail in this context.

However DOG BARKING & DOG TRAINING COLLARS phrases often go together too, but for all the wrong reasons. One of the biggest issues dog owners have (particularly ones that are unable to walk their dogs off lead in the morning before work), are barking dogs annoying neighbors.

Besides putting your own dog’s health at risk, dog barking is usually a sign of boredom (and unused energy).

An insufficiently exercised dog will not be social and may bark continuously, which has created the rise of e-collars & shock collars, to auto train dogs not to bark. These need to be used sparingly and only by professionals, we will discuss dog barking and dog ‘training collars’ used to reduce barking at length.

Cat training and the art of being a cat whisperer

This part of this site could just as easily be called Cats 101. You may wonder why cats are included on a dog site or vice versa, and its for the very simple reason that many people who own dogs, also own cats.

While cats tend to be very independent hence the term ‘as easy as herding cats’, it is possible with the right techniques to get a cat to do many things for you, including cat tricks. That is why there is a separate category on this site just for cat training and cat lovers!

Cat training / cat toilet training

No pet training site would be complete without cat toilet training information. The simple reason being that it is often the first thing that an new cat owner wants their cat to learn, and the one that needs to be learned fastest.

If your cat is not completely toilet trained then our extensive guides should help you complete the job.

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