a well trained dog

a well trained dog


A lot of people rely on asking people in the industry who they recommend to do dog training. There is a fair chance that your local vet will have a list of potential dog trainers. But be aware that many of these vets, while not getting a kickback, will often just promote people based on random personal preferences (if they like the person, or one person told them that the dog trainer was good). This often doesn’t have anything directly tied to the actual dog training company abilities, or results.

Just because they are a great vet, does NOT mean they have a great recommendation for the best dog training course!

So then you are probably left with reading the testimonials that are put up on the dog training site, or perhaps just as biased sources such as social media or online directory comments.

That is why many people take a long time to get their dog training organized. Who do you trust and how much mental effort do you invest in your selection, if they turn out to be bad. And will you know a good or bad trainer when you see them, (or will you base your judgement on how much you like the person?

BEST DOG TRAINING COURSES found by word of mouth !

Ideally you already know a friend who has used a specific dog trainer and you can take their recommendation, or better still meet enough people at the local off lead dog park that you begin to get some good honest information about the best method.

Note, I have talked to many people who have seen ‘reputable’ trainers and many of these people have been dissatisfied with the price, service and results. Anyone can gain a dog training certificate, but it does not mean that they can put it into practice in the real world, with complex dog behaviors established over years.

Even though I have realized that often it is an owners inability to learn or want to change which is stopping the dog training being passed onto their dogs, an owner usually works best when they meet someone they like, who also has the minimum level of training skill.

If a dog training does not work, who do you complain to? Is there a governing body in your state that will act on your behalf? How can you prove that the training did not work, did you get the guarantee in writing, and who will assess if the dog didn’t change behavior sufficiently. Do you see some of the complications that can result in dog training for you?

That is why some people enjoy dog services that give a free first lesson or that at least give a long free consultation so you can see where you both stand.

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