the bad reasons your dog wants to run away – not all training related

dog running awayIn the previous article I looked at why my dog wants to get outside of our yard. he is walked all the time off lead, has burned energy but still has an insatiable thirst for socializing and exploring the unknown.

The following are sadder ‘badder’ reasons dogs escape

1          Lonely sad little dogs

An unloved dog is usually smart enough to know it can get love elsewhere. Assuming you don’t physically or mentally purposefully abuse a dog, it will want to escape if it has not socialized enough each day in the morning (and often follow ups in the afternoon).

This is not a genetic flaw, you don’t have a freak of nature, you have a dog that needs its pack, they are pack animals and need socialization.

2 Unfamiliar home or new location

This is most often the cause we hear about dogs being lost. You move home and your dog wasn’t properly informed they have left all of that good territory behind. They don’t know why you moved and they want familiarity, They love schedules in walks, certainty in feeding, and their surrounds.

3 Reaction to frightening sound or situation

Chances are you will have no idea what that sound or situation is because your dogs sensors are much more advanced than yours. They will either smell something that needs attention or they will hear a distress signal. If they are balanced they will naturally want to help a distressed dog. Just because the human cant hear it does not mean that its not real.

Fireworks are one of the major causes of dogs running away every human celebration time like NYE.

4 Because they can – dog opportunism

While the previous article looked at why my own dog escapes (because he knows where the good things are outside of the yard) – most dogs are curious and given an opportunity to break out, even if there is nothing calling them, they will do so.

In fact unless your dog is so highly trained that they will wait for their master forever to come and close the gate, most dogs will bolt at least a few doors down before reporting back.

In fact if your dog doesn’t want to go out the front gate you have a bigger problem. The main thing is that if your dog wants to get out continually and they do break out regularly, you need to ensure you dog training for recall is impeccable.

5 Mating season in the dog world

Dog pheromones are a powerful driver. Even de-sexed dogs are massively lured over the scent of a female dog. They mightn’t fight to the death to mate with her, but they will most likely want to get to see her in the least.

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