How to stop dogs running away

dog running awayOk you’ve read all the reasons why dogs run away in the last article, but now how about stopping them from running away?

Moving away from home and making the dog happy

Its all about getting your dog used to their NEW local area and making them as happy and comfortable at home as you can. Act like they are a new puppy, take them to local fenced dog parks for runs, so they love the new experience.

At home play find the hidden item using their scent of it alone.   Get them to love being in your house by getting treats cuddles and exploring the backyard while you are home.

Mating dogs or dogs not de-sexed running away from home.

Your vet will have told you that the chance of dog cancer massively increases as a dog gets older if it is not de-sexed. Your dog will get into more fights in the dog park.,

Your dog will try and dominate other dogs, if not de sexed. Unless you are a professional breeder, you should de-sex your dog to keep them happy and be responsible to other dogs and society. Message over.

They are bored or lonely, something excites them, something scares them

A lot of other sites will make three separate points out of this heading, but the reality is its all the same solution – yo9ur dog needs a lot more exercise than you are giving it.

Locking another dog in the same yard isn’t the same as a big off lead explore. A bored and lonely dog will also get anti social and if they do manage to escape will either flee people and run into a car and get injured or will be scared (because they are not social) and might bite someone. All results are bad for you and your dog.

If you walk your dog a lot already and something outside the fence excites or scares them, then you have a problem. If that problem becomes a phobia you have an expensive problem that will take a while to fix usually.

I know a few people with the over excited dog issue, and they lock them in the front yard with a relatively low fence. its like they want it to escape or to bite someone. The more prone your exercised dog is to being scared when home alone or is just highly excitable like most puppies are, the more you need to consider having strong tall escape proof fences and dogs in your back yard (as long as its more secure than your front). Don’t tempt your dog, don’t blame your dog – just protect them by socializing them, exercising them, and making your yard escape proof !




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