Fish as Natural Dog Treats are very healthy for dogs and cats!

A lot of people don’t think of fish as natural dog treats

But why not?

I don’t feed my dog any raw fish, and he is on a raw diet. The issue is not any danger to health but just raw cost. Yes you can go to the local fish market on the weekend, but even then the cost isnt always cheap and not everyone likes the smell of fish for human consumption, let alone your need to cut and freeze it for a dog.

California is known as a forward trend starting state, yet I am not convinced using a straw poll with my friends, that anyone knows about the secret of fish as used as a natural dog treat.

The point of it is, that fish is a very healthy dog treat, and about the same cost per pound as beef or chicken 100%.

The bonus is that the oils (essential omega 3 and 6) are typically much more and saturated fats less. Vitamins and minerals are often greater in sea animals because land based animals that are on intensively farmed lands can have.

Fish is not to the taste of every dog, but for those that are, it makes a great addition to the regular meats your dog will get. Changing the protein means that your dog will get a better balance of essential amino acids.

What is not natural treats in fish form

While other treats are often diluted with grains such as wheat, for chewiness, cheapness or texture, fish treats are best when just dried and consumed.

Additives such as carob (doggy chocolate) coatings, or yogurt, or fillers that give the treat pliability are just marketing tricks that you should avoid. Buy the best natural fish dog treat that you can afford, and it if it only a little bit, then feed your dog a little bit.

The manufacturer will ensure they get the same margin no matter what you buy, and often more when a dog treat is diluted with wheat. So dont let yourself or your dog fall for the trick and first time player trap of buying anything but straight 100% fish !

Note a lot of people buy shark products that are not strictly speaking a fish, but it too has great omega 3 levels as well as pain killer properties that are great for dogs that are aged, or have joint pain. The rule pretty much is that if it comes from the sea, and you trust the maker, then it is good for your dog.


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