Cheap Dog Treats -You get what you pay for !

dog biscuitDid you know that cheap can be nasty.

Did you know that cheap isnt always suitable or best.

Did you know that buying cheap stuff for your dog might be not in their best interest.

If you ever wondered why some dog treats are cheap then this might help you.

1          They are just being nice

Its possible that a giant corporation is releasing a new product, is spending a lot of money on advertising (the reason you have heard of the dog treat) and are introducing it at a very cheap price to encourage sales.

2          A mid to small company is just trying to be very competitive in the market place.

In this case, they might be legitimately courting your business and having low margins and be happy with growing their business.  Take this offer as much as you can.

3          The main scenario is that they use very cheap ingredients that they buy in bulk to make even cheaper.

This is NOT what you want to feed your dog.  While you might be searching online for CHEAP DOG TREATS, you don’t want to feed your dog anything that is cheap and nasty.

Pretty much avoid anything based on grain or vegetable matter – your dog already gets plenty of that in its dog food.  And because its a treat they will charge you double for the same stuff you already buy.

If you buy rawhide or any other things highlighted in the media as being bad for your dog stop it.

The reality is dogs should eat lots of meat, and rarely do these days.  If you are buying a treat you need to get as much quality meat for your money as you can. Animal products are able to be digested best by your dog and provide the best nutrition.

Cheap is ok, when you know what you are getting and what is in it.

A cheap dog treat meat based is fine, a cheap dog treat grain based, is rubbish or worse.

Its amazing how much people pay for a premium bag of wheat called dog food, and pay even more for more for it when its called a dog treat.  Dont be fooled by big brand names you are just paying for their advertising.

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