kangaroo-meat-balls-dog-treatsRecently I was looking for exotic meat based dog treats that are not native to America.

We have some lovely game meat, but if you are a raw feeder or just interested in the ultimate in healthy nutrition for your dog, you may be interested in looking further afield and finding something that is just amazing for your four legged friend.

Love bison, love salmon .. but for land based animals that are culled under government supervision (ie are in plague numbers not an endangered species) it is hard to go past the Australian Kangaroo meat.

Why Kangaroo meat balls for your dog treat?

Well if you are concerned about culling native animals or squeamish about meat in general its all good.  Most dog food has little more than 25% meat in it.

I am not talking about converting your dog over to kangaroo meat completely – even though it is hypo allergenic and used in many exclusion diets by vets to help analyze dog allergies.  But I can see a definite value in buying dog treat balls as an exotic treat that isn’t going to deplete the roo population any faster than your buying dog food will kill off too many cows or chickens.

The reason is that they roo meat balls, although 85% meat are only a MAJORITY meat of Kangaroo.  The minority meat is Chicken. The reason for this is that chicken is eaten by about every dog, and its familiarity makes a game meat more palatable.

The other thing is that roo meat is more expensive than chicken, so mixing it with chicken keeps the price down. You will still get 85% meat, with the majority being kangaroo, but you can buy this treat incredibly economically.

BTW – did you know that many dog treats that are classed as beef, bison etc will often have a minority share of chicken in them to spread the cost?  Don’t worry, unless your dog is allergic to chicken meat (and very few dogs have meat allergies) this is a great strategy to still give you a decent volume of treat, while keeping costs down.

If you are one of the growing crowd of elite dog owners concerned about grain and want to go grain free, you can always buy 100% kangaroo. But for the vast majority of dog owners who feed their dogs regular or premium dog food in cans or packets, you are likely to be giving your dog 70-80% grains either as wheat or corn or rice.  That should put into perspective a dog treat that is only 15% wheat grain !

From time to time we really want to treat our dog with something super special and I think this is one of those things that you can give your dog, safely, that is actually good for it.

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