Cheap Dog Treats are not always good for your dog

 cheap treats not good for every dogYour dog wants dog treats what are Cheap Dog Treats?

Living in LA, a lot of people think that competition should make things cheap, but is that always the case? The word cheap has many bad connotations. You can call things affordable, or less expensive or any euphemism, but call them cheap, and people automatically consider the product quality is not what it should be.

That is why I thought it would be good to do a Google scan of what the term means to Google and the companies that it ranks highly.

You will find that Google’s thesaurus is hard at work with very few of the sites listed actually showing the word CHEAP in the title or text sections. One of the top companies says Cheap Dog treats Online (but that is probably to exactly match some google keyword text rather than literally mean that they are really cheap (inexpensive).

Though that said, the site had lots of pig off cuts (that are often cheap, imported and bad fatty). Then dog biscuits full of grain and even doughnuts for dogs. Ok so maybe they were right, they had cheap and nasty dog stuff …


This is of course how companies get around the CHEAP bad vibe and still register for Google for the word cheap in searches. Low Cost is a very subjective thing apparently because a lot of sites suggesting they have low cost treats probably actually mean that its low cost for them to buy in, because their retail prices are ridiculously high.

Cheap postage treats is one of the more amazing claims because its great for a site to have cheap postage, absolutely fantastic, but why are the treats so expensive?

At the end of the day, and the start of your dogs health, make sure that your treats are high quality and that the prices of them are reasonable.

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