Cheap dog treats can actually be healthy for your dog

cheap dog treatsAny decent dog and cat training blog will invariably talk about positive reward and the feeding of dog treats to dogs.

Most of them will give scant regard to what you are feeding the dog, as long as its highly addictive and ‘gets the job done’. Not so here. David Jones is a strong believer in your dog is what it eats, even in training mode.

Why not all cheap dog treats are nasty

Price is supposed to be equated to quality, but you can pay a lot for sugar and salt filled treats at the supermarket. The oil in them, and sugar are usually the things that are ‘moorish’ and additive and BAD for your dog’s health. Doesn’t matter how infrequently you feed something bad to your dog, they already have a toxic load from a lot of your living and furnishings (glues etc) so no point in adding more.

Cheap dog treats are either the ones you make yourself or ones you buy from a specialize healthy dog treat online store that specializes in bulk discounts for 100% meat products for your dog.

Dog training usually means call your dog over, and quickly give it food and onto the next lesson. What a lot of trainers don’t bother to tell you (or dont know) is that dogs have a 2-3 second window that takes them to understand what you have called and told them to do. Some dogs predict and view your body language and interpret much faster, but the rule is this length of time. So sometimes when you have given generic beef liver, you have them run off before they understand the command because they just chomped and swallowed a treat.

You can make a lot of dog treats yourself, but mostly they are last night’s ‘left overs’, unless you want your kitchen smelling like an slaughter yard when you cook them in the oven. You can give fresh chicken etc, but do you eat chicken every night?

Cheap treats for your dog to learn training can be any 100% meat, dried and shredded down to a good mini bite size. Just think outside of the commercial big company sexy packaging from the supermarket now and then, and perhaps consider getting a pound or two of real dried meat jerky product that you cut and use as needed.

That is the healthiest cheapest dog treat you will ever use with any dog for training !

Here’s a tip, smackos is NEVER the answer …

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