How to calm your dog down the easy way. Dog Training !

calm your dog downFirstly we should understand what is normal dog behaviour and why they are doing it, and what needs attention.

If a dog is a puppy and you have given it no release, no reason to lose that energy, then you are going to have one excited puppy on your hands.

Even respected dog trainers get the #1 thing wrong.

If you dog, any age is ‘acting up’ is too excited … they have too much energy .

#1 Go for a long dog walk

They need to have one solid off lead dog walk per day, and if you do it in the morning everyone is happy. If you don’t go to work but can’t watch the internet or TV all day, you would be bored as hell. Give your dog what they need and want !

#2 Ignore your dog

This is not counter to #1 this means that after they have had their walk, and they are begging for food or play from you, and you are busy, then ignore their demands until they work out that you are in control. This is not being heartless this is teaching a dog what is appropriate with you and any other human.

#3        Do what your dog likes doing.

Again this is actually more about #1 and NOT ignoring #2.

That is, on a long walk or even in your house in the afternoon, you can play structured games for dogs that like to retrieve or dogs that like to hunt. Get a soft toy, get their scent on it, or your scent and go and hide it and get them to find it. These kinds of puppy training tools and hunting tools don’t have to be only for puppies.

If a dog thinks it is sharing your life, doing something that you request and it enjoys you will go a long way towards making it happy, so that along with drained energy, it won’t be acting up as much. ESPECIALLY if you do this regularly and the dog knows that it will have scheduled play time with you.

#4 check yourself before you wreck your dog

If you are anxious, upset or anything negative and strong in emotion about what your dog is doing, they will read that as excitement or anger and get further energised.


This has been a ridiculous thing that vets and several states in America have allowed for a long time, but laws are changing.

If your dog is barking, digging or wont calm down, its probably because you haven’t walked them. Don’t get a dog if you don’t have space or time. that is very simple.

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