Can yogurt dog treats be healthy?

healthy yogurt dog treatsWhat are healthy or natural dog treats and what are not?

You know, even though I live in California (the following is for the sake of the rest of the country) .. I still try and keep my dog life and diet very real. We are not all Hollywood people you know. not all our dogs are up on stands performing tricks for movies either.

Now I am a little bit at the fringe when it comes to dog food, as I don’t believe a bag of wheat from the supermarket is proper food for a dog, even if it has a bunch of vitamins and minerals thrown in for good measure. Call me crazy, as some of my friends do, but I know what is good for my dog and what I feed other dogs I come in contact with.

How can yogurt treats be good for dogs?

While I don’t feed my own dog yogurt dog treats (you know those little white or yellow balls or buttons) I don’t attack everyone that does.

This is what you need to know. Once you have feed your dog all of the meat based food and treats your dog needs to get the right amount of meat based protein into its body, then the rest is just icing. Yes extra treats will add extra Calories so you either walk or run your dog more or feed it slightly less food if you want some treats in its diet.

The reason that yogurt isnt all that bad, is that it should have its main ingredients sourced from animals, not plants. Real healthy yogurt dog treats will have some form of REAL yogurt culture and lactose free milk in it. It will have some sugar for taste, but that should be ok as long as the treats are not the main food or treat you feed your dog.

The problem we have is that sometimes ‘human’ grade yogurt treats find their way into the dog treat market. Often they expect humans to eat more junk than we feed our dogs (well the good dog treat companies produce higher quality. By higher I mean they have mainly milk and yogurt ingredients and a lower amount of sugar and additives.

Ideally the dog treat you feed your dog should have maybe five or six ingredients that you understand and very little else. A whole string of chemicals added to make the product palatable or addictive or last for a very long time is NOT good.

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