Dog Training Courses, what to look for


You have a dog, now you want them trained. Like any purchase you will have a list of priorities but these are some of the more important when it comes to training your beloved dog, long term.

That is, what is your objective in taking dog training courses, the real reason behind it, and what motivation will sustain you through the long cold winters (assuming you have long cold winters).

This might seem like a simple question, but many people just automatically think it is something they are supposed to do. What you really need to think about with a new dog is what level of training to you want to achieve and in what time frame.

Dog Training Courses online

Counter intuitively with the rise of cheap broadband and youtube videos on everything, there are a lot of people out there that think that watching and using youtube dog training videos is the perfect solution. It sure is a free solution, but what doesn’t it give you?

Constructive feedback and your own reinforcement, because dog training is as much about training the owner as it is about the dog

The reality is that most dogs can really benefit for puppy school play at their own vets, where you know the other dogs are vaccinated. The dog learns to become social and what it can and can’t do besides what it tried with its original litter.

Dog Training Courses online should mostly be used for the basics like, recall, sit and stay commands. Using food rewards is fine and everything is positive reinforcement. In the ideal world and with enough repetition most owners with most breeds can get most dogs to an adequate level of obedience with these simple basics taught online.

This whole site is dedicated to helping you train your dog (and cat) so we aren’t going to give you every piece of advice in this one article.

However some of the more important things you need to know (which each have their own article and discussion) will be the logistics around dog training, such as the price and locations of courses, how to judge the reputation of a specific course, and understanding your connection with the dog trainer and your own dog. At the end of the day it has to be fun for both of you if you want to keep it up, so I hope that reading these articles will enable you to have fun along the way!

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