The different classes of temperament testing and why you choose a dog

dog test for personalityOnce you have a dog, you know it, and everything is ok but before you get a dog, when dogs end up at shelters Canine temperament testing is vital for a new owner.

Organizations will do a longer version of this particularly if they are going to get a lab as a working dog.

These are the standard categories of dog integration and why you always want the responsive one

1          Responsive and Adaptable  = Bonds well to humans, Good dogs for first time owners.

Everyone is after this kind of dog, it doesn’t come with baggage and is more likely to be trainable and friendly.  IF they are a puppy you still have a lot of work to do, but its much better than other options

2          Nervous, Shy, Fearful  = Unpredictable and Usually not good dogs around children

This is the category that most people end up getting from a shelter. Its not the dogs fault, but how a dog has turned due to neglect, lack of socialisation or aggression from owners.

This is the kind of dog that everyone wants to rescue, but it will take a lot more work on the new owners behalf to win trust and make this dog happy again. If you can take a dog regularly to a park, be a pack leader and nurture this kind of dog that is fine.

Not a nervous or anxious dog is just as likely sometimes more like to bite than an aggressive dog that you know its intentions.

3          Dominant and Aggressive =Unpredictable and Usually not good dogs around  children or other pets

This is the main dog trait that novice owners must steer clear of, Any sign during proper temperament testing should signal that this dog only needs an experience owner who can work with socialising the dog safely. An aggressive dog may take a long time to trust and may have issues with humans, dogs, food, objects, visitors  …

4          Independent or Stubborn – Good outdoor only dogs ?

The comment here is pure stupidity. A working dog or hunting dog may have preference for the wide outdoors, but most climates will either be too hot or cold sometime during the year, so you need to teach a dog to be inside as well. Not to destroy things.

Many of the working dog group are classed as stubborn, just because they were bred to not have to listen to owner instructions to get their owners prey.  They may take longer to learn commands, but once learnt can be more reliable than many ‘regular dogs’.

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