Professional Dog Training and the personality of the dog trainer

professional dog training

professional dog training

Professional Dog trainer personality disorders

As if it isn’t hard enough to select a company/ dog trainer in the first place based on recommendations – you may find that many dog trainers aren’t in their job because of their people skills. They may work brilliantly with dogs, and even your dog, but if they talk over you or down to you or are disinterested in your questions etc, you will soon struggle to pay attention to what they are trying to teach, let alone have the motivation to put it into practice.

A Professional dog trainer by definition is just someone who is paid to train a dog. It doesn’t mean that they are good at it, or that they have a winning personality.

What you may be experiencing here is not someone who is necessarily bad at training dogs, but a person who just lacks the communications skills to bond with the owner. And if that doesn’t happen, are you as likely to trust or listen to their recommendations?

Often a professional dog trainer ‘disinterest’ might be your misinterpretation of what their task is. They may not be purposefully trying to make your life harder but actually the trainer might just be concentrating so much on the job and the dog they forget that a human is attached.

Professional dog trainers behaving badly

But the awful truth is that sometimes professional dog trainers can be so annoyed at the dog behavior ignorance of owners, that they find it hard to conceal their contempt. Of course this is detrimental to causing change in both owner and dog, but dog trainers are human too.

Other trainers find it hard to not get jaded. How many years must you see the same problems with the same kind of owners before they fall into the trap of becoming blasé?

Selecting the right training school and the right price and location can often all come undone by being hiring a dog trainer that you just simply do not click with !

That is why it is sometimes wise not to commit to a full season of dog training lessons until you are sure of your own commitment, the skill of the trainer and your ability to related to each other.

Again this can be another strong point of volunteer dog training organizations that have many trainers that you will surely find someone appropriate to your needs.

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