Separation anxiety in dogs, What causes what fixes in dog training.

dog separation anxietySeparation anxiety has some really obvious dog training techniques.

The issue for owners who have these dogs, is that if the dog has separation anxiety because they are cuddled too much, not disciplined and never left alone, then the training is going to be harder on the human than the dog.

While different breeds are reported to suffer from this horrible condition more than others, it can happen to all sized dogs and all breeds.

Symptoms of dog separation anxiety

  • barking, whining,
  • wanton, destroying items in home and yard (not from a playful puppy stage.
  • scratching at walls and gates trying to get out to the owner
  • excess salivation, pacing and ‘crazy’ behaviour. Frantic movements, head shaking

Sure all dogs will do this when they are puppies, but the separation anxiety kicks in when they just won’t give up once you leave.  Property damage occurs and the neighbours call the police from all the barking.

 Causes of separation anxiety in dogs

If you fuss over your dog when you come home, make special noises for them, let them jump up, basically encourage an undisciplined frenzied meeting because its fun you are setting your dog up for separation anxiety.

Dogs should be massively socialised between 3 and 6 months, that is why once they have their vaccinations you take them everywhere with you, get them used to humans dogs and all noises.  But you also need to let them have quiet time, not over stimulated to learn to live quietly with themselves.

This can be a difficult balance for many people. But basically you shouldn’t be with them all the time for three months, then abandon them at home for the rest of their life.

The dog park solution

Dogs can’t get all of their emotional satisfaction from a human, as you are not their kind,  You don’t know how to greet them, you don’t know how they want to play.

Just the off lead nature of the dog walk will give a dog confidence, not be completely reliant on you, will let them be their own dog.  These dogs with confidence and being satisfied have a lot lower incident of true separation anxiety.

If you take any dog to the park and run them a lot, they burn their energy and they don’t have stress hormones and nervous energy at home.   They aren’t thinking will I go with him, because they have been with him.  Sure they still probably want to go with you (unless they are very old or maltreated ) but its a nice to have, not a desperate crushing need within them.

How not to treat separation anxiety in dogs

DONT take them to a vet and get the solution of chaining them up or crating them more ALL DAY.   They are barking for a reason that you mostly created.  You need to separate from them, but they need to have their walk and be satisfied with what they have done for the day, just as you should feel when you finish work.

DONT medicate your dog to subdue its natural urges.  You will stuff up all their other systems and keep toxins in their bodies and make them reliant on anti depressants until they die, You will destroy their brain chemistry and you will be living with a quarter of a dog.

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