Natural Dog Treats ARE NOT BISCUITS

natural dog treats dogThere are a lot of good dog owners in LA.  Those who dont just dress their dog up and take it to parties as an accessory.   Good to have a dog out with you, but when it spends a lot more time in human company than dog company that is where the mental issues and socialization begin.

Just because a dog can be put in a handbag doesn’t mean that it should be. 

A rule of thumb in the dog park is don’t pick up your dog around other dogs unless ou want the dog to have a fight.  This is because an anxious dog that hasn’t been socialized will struggle to understand what your actions mean.  It wont be thinking you are protecting it, it will be thinking it owns yo and has to protect it from the other dogs jumping up to get it.

This quickly spirals out of control.

If your dog is small and you don’t want to have it walk on the ground, a handbag isnt going to make it any more self aware or able to mix with its own kind which is the goal for the most social animal on earth.

what does this have to do with natural dog treats?

Well if a person cant tell the difference between taking their dog off lead to a dog park every day and letting a dog be a dog, they are also very unlikely to understand what the best diet for a dog is.

It is no form of human food.  If you feed it lots of cake and scraps from the table. you are going to make it fat and diabetic. You are going to overload your dog with carbs.

If you feed your dog the best dog food,  you are going to get 30% meat into it, and your dog is essentially a carnivore that can tolerate some grains.  If you love your dog you will research its natural food and ignore all of the pet food company claims that all aim to keep their input prices down by buying lots of cheap grains and putting a steak picture on the pack.

How don’t dog shops help ?

If you go to many ritzy on the strip dog stores th4ey are essentially selling dog candy. They will have many branded name packs with pretty packaging and a lot of wheat based treats.

Biscuits are mostly wheat and only add to the carb loading of your dog.  The protein is a lot harder for a dog to process so they just get the energy without the goodness.  They don’t need colored mini biscuit treats with amazing flavors (doesn’t matter if they are natural flavor or artificial they will be in very small percentages of the total treat).

Best natural dog treats?


This is easy.  If you have read the above and understand it, you will know its any MEAT dog treats.  If your dog likes beef or chicken flavor dog food. Then feed them close to 100% beef or chicken dog treats – usually called jerky.  If you want low fat, feed them a 100% fish treat.  If you want exotic there are bison, deer and salmon.  There are many options you just need to understand that natural means something a dog might naturally eat in the wild, not what you think looks good in a human store !

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