How to Stopping dog chasing – dog training techniques

dog chasing husky

dog chasing husky

Dog chasing for a dog is as natural as breathing and sniffing. They should not be punished for this but redirected. Never punish an animal for a natural act that can be reduced by human dog training and socialization.

Here are the quick rules to remedy over excited dog chasing:

  1. REMOVE the chase opportunity

Remember this applies to dogs with problems – the eventual goal is off lead at dog parks.

  • If your dog chases and scares other dogs … Keep it on a physical leash until you are both comfortable with it behaving.
  • Ensure you house and yard have very secure fences and locks
  • Do not leave the dog unsupervised at parks – take your ipod ear pieces out.
  1. Teach a reliable recall.

This is the most important thing for any dog off lead.

This is a safety factor for dogs and everyone else. Some dogs want to chase and wont recall when there is prey around like rabbits or cats, and that is moderately natural. But when there are other dogs around, and your dog is out of the puppy stage, you should ensure that they recall – the number one task you have to do with your dog !

  1.  Either use practice sessions at home or in the park with restraints until ready.

If the dog recalls on command, reward profusely.

If your dog ignores the command and chooses to chase, provide your dog with a diversion (loud clapping, calling, stones in a can, etc)

Practice these lessons until your dog respond to recall and makes the connection with the rewards.

Repeat the exercise at different times, in different locations and with different chase objects.

But here is a critical thing. Your dog may have too much of a high drive. If you dont walk them off lead they won’t burn energy. Burning energy will make it easier to train them at home.

If you stop going to the park because of mis-behaviour then they will become less social when you re introduce. If your dog is not red zone – consider taking them to the park on lead, correcting with chain strongly, and keep walking, even with muzzle on until the dog gets it.

It could take months but when off lead you may still choose to have a bite muzzle so the dog doesn’t get over whelmed and bite …

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