Did you know best dog treats are likely to help dog training in the park

 best dog treatsIf you do a quick search for ‘dogs eating and drinking’ on your search engine you will quickly find that there are a whole bunch of websites willing to give you practical advice on why your dog is not eating or drinking too much or has bloat. Yes all worrisome stuff, but where is the information on what your dog should be eating for a healthy diet? What about where and how much they drink?

Dogs eating habits and best dog treats or food and dog training

The diet your dog has goes much towards how healthy they will be and therefore how likely they are to listen to your training. Give a child a bad diet and you are likely to have restlessness and even attention deficit disorders – and the same with dogs.

Contrary to anything you will read on a manufactured dog pellet or kibble packet. GRAINS ARE BAD for dogs. They don’t eat them in the wild and they have no need for carbs except for the non soluble fibre to make their poos solid, if you can’t achieve that with a raw diet. grain are just used as a filler and a vehicle for adding protein and vitamins to.

I am not going to bang the drum too much on this, because your vet who makes a lot of money of gullible people might come after me, but remember dogs survived and thrived well before people started giving them kibble cause it was easier.

Kibble is easy convenient and long lasting, much like wood, but it is NOT the best food for your dog.

Dog eating and drinking in the dog park and dog training

Dogs are hunters first and scavengers second. But you may notice your dog trying to eat everything in the park. Some breeds have high metabolisms (need more food) or high propensity to eat food anything that might resemble food, but that isn’t necessarily greediness, its survival mechanisms. Much of that time its them looking for something much more fulfilling for the bland grain food they are fed at home and something with NATURAL nutrition in it. Can you imagine eating your breakfast cereal for every meal for life??

Sometimes a dog just wants to roll in stuff or eat wood – because it has great texture and sounds when they chew it. Because it smells really good.

Dog training in the park is very difficult for two main things, other dogs and potential food sources. If you feed your dog a real raw meat diet, you may find they have less propensity to scavenge lower quality foods like grains or sticks. This will make your recall potentially easier in the park.


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