stopping dogs begging for food, bad dog behavior !

dog begging for foodThe last article looked at the evolutionary and dog food industry reasons of why most dogs beg for food like its the end of time.

But even dogs on a raw diet, not bored, and with a good size body can go into overdrive trying to achieve that last bit of your food.

If you don’t care about the reasons why (last article) you may as well read the reasons of how to stop it here:

Feed a dog well (meat) but don’t over feed it or give in to a begging dog

People will sit at a table forever, see the staring dog eyes and give in. They could get up, play ball, put the dog out, do anything else on earth but feeding the dog. They are not helping the dog, they are giving power over to the dog, and making it fat.

How to ignore the begging dog.

Don’t let it paw you and turn your attention away from it, turn your back, let the dog see that you are not interested nor is there any hope of getting the food. Put the dog outside if necessary, but always try this none action method first.

All members of the family must ignore the dog

Unless all members of the family agree on the plan and actually do it, the dog will win off the weakest member.

Remember the reason you are doing it and be 100% committed.

Your dog might be doing it as a part of a survival mechanism, but if it hasn’t been walked properly, is bored all day, has nothing to look forward to, then food is its ONLY REWARD.

This is up to you to change things so that exercise and socialising are its rewards.

Like letting a dog up on your bed just once, that is the start of the end. You have to be consistent with a dog, as they like rules and routines. In the wild they would hunt with a pack regularly and burn their energy. They would have a great and happy life. In your world you provide little of the hunt and social experience so you have to do what you can, and remember that most begging is either a long ago need to eat or die, or that its bored and will try stuff on with you.

The previous article explained this a lot better, but at least now you know how to stop your dog from begging for food !

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