Best dog treats are fit for purpose and meat all types of meat

natural dog treatsSome people say to me, Dave what are the best dog treats ?

And of course like I have said before, that’s the same kind of thing as how long is a piece of string.

Well sort of. Its nothing fancy like a human LA diet, but its still needs to be decided whether we are talking for training, pleasure, low allergy etc.

Even though, or in spite of coming from LA, I still prefer my dog food and dog treats as simple as possible. Humans, like dogs, don’t need a lot of fancy sources and gravy over our food or dog treats to make them healthy, in fact the least number of ingredients the better.

the number one ingredient is always going to be MEAT, because if you read your dog food packet you will instantly know that they are getting very little of it in their diet.

Meat protein is what carnivore domestic dogs (yours) needs and craves and its that simple.


1          Meat based and fit for purpose – are they for short eating and a supplement hit, or long chewing and just to pre occupy or both?

2          What meat does your dog like – If they like beef or chicken, then get those in treat form, but as pure as possible – they already ate 80% grain with their last meal. If they like a certain meat, and its easier to carry it in dried packet form, then why not?

3          The wisest “best” dog treat selection will be one that they like (not many dogs hate properly dried meat treats) and ones that they dont regularly get to eat as their main meal.

Like humans diversity of food is the key to a healthy dog treat. Give them whatever meat they dont regularly eat, and have it as natural as possible. No garnishes, no grain dilution, just the meat if possible or a very high percentage. You are feeding this for a different protein profile to fill in the gaps left by the ordinary grains you regularly feed your dog.

ALTERNATIVE to the best dog treats

Are the convenient dog treats.

  • Made of poisonous jerky
  • Raw hide to strangle your dog.
  • Big corporate brands full of sugar and grains

They might cost a few bucks cheaper OR DEARER, but you will get a pretty brand on the packet that you will throw in the bin.


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