What are the best dog treats in the pet shop?

best dog treatsDog training and good treats are almost synonymous with each other.

I have many contacts in different sectors of the dog industry in LA and it is interesting to hear the different take of what treats mean to different sectors of the industry.

Dog Groomers best dog treats

In my experience these guys are often franchise workers who are after a day job, nothing specifically to do with dog health or nutrition. If they use treats at all for their clients dogs they are usually the cheapest beef liver or pig skin they can find. Anything that either immediately gets results or occupies the dogs.

Dog training companies best dog treats

It is highly unlikely that these guys will buy anything but beef liver. They ONLY want treats that are consumed immediately and are for reward purposes only They fail to have the imagination that treats can be used as dog food supplements, and often feed their dogs stock standard kibble or the occasional bone. Note that this is not too different from the rest of what regular dog owners feed their dogs, just that it is not too special either.

Dog shops best dog treats

You might expect or think that selling many brands and types of treats that a dog shop owner might treat their dogs to the best dog treats, but what are the best?

You will find that most pet shop or dog shop owners are commercially minded, not necessarily dog nutrition knowledgeable. They will read industry publications explaining why one type of treat is supposedly better than another – but rarely will that have to do with the true truth behind the best nutrition for a dog.

One particular case in point is that these people might make most of their money from selling manufactured dog and cat food. If this is the case, they are probably selling about 30 or more specific ‘dog food’ products from three or four major companies under multiple brands. The one common point between all of these is that they are full of grain. If they knew anything about cats and that they are one hundred percent carnivores, they would not in good conscience sell any cat food in their store.

But cat food is a financial imperative to them (just as it is to vets), so if they are willing to sell cat food made of grains, then they will also do to dogs which are mainly carnivores too.

The amount of glossy brochures that they read telling them how good these products are will eventually convince and program them that grain is good. If all the dog food companies are shovelling grain how can it be wrong? This group mind think that has hoodwinked the American people will continue forever, killing dogs early.

So what dog treats do pet shop owners usually recommend to you or use for their own dog? Often the ones with the highest margin are recommended to the public, and the ones that are said to be the most gourmet or have the most advertising bling will be taken home.

The best dog treats are actually 100% meat, organic and without additives. They are meats that your dog does not normally eat. This will provide bio diversity and fill the whole in nutrition that only giving vegetable matter (non bio available) has caused.

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